CNC Milling

AMS can manufacture quality CNC milled parts. AMS has the capability to machine simple 2d parts to very complex 3d geometry. This is accomplished by using 3 & 4 axis machining, from prototyping to production. AMS strives to use the latest technology in cutting tools, inserts and data. We have the ability to machine a wide range of materials such as, Stainless, Titanium, Aluminum, all types of steel’s and plastics. We have the capability to design our own fixturing to accommodate some of the more complex part designs. AMS also designs special tooling for specific jobs to get the final product produced to the customer’s needs, and at a competitive price.

CNC Benefits

  • Low Production Cost
  • Accuracy, Consistency, Repeatability
  • Perform multiple operations on one set-up
  • Flexibility
  • Excellent Surface Finish


AMS is committed to providing high quality parts, reasonable price and on time delivery. We insure that all parts are in compliance with drawing and specifications for all work performed at our facility. We continually review our process to ensure that parts are meeting or exceeding our customer’s quality requirements. Our employee’s use a variety of precision measuring instruments; this is to ensure that each dimension is checked accurately and properly. We take great pride in building long term customer relationships.